Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spiced Winter Tea

Spiced black tea is just the thing on a frosty day, and over the last few weeks I have been drinking two varieties - both of which I was given for Christmas.

Whittard Christmas Tea came in individually wrapped teabags, packaged in a vintage-style green-and-white snowflake-patterned tin. This is a mildly spiced tea, easy to brew and unlikely to become too strong if the bag is left in to steep. The front of the tin makes it clear that this is 'Black tea with the flavour of orange peel and spices' - i.e. not the peel and spices themselves!

Bettys Spiced Christmas Tea is the real thing: 'Finest quality black China tea blended with orange peels, lemon peels and cinnamon'. Loose-leaf, and better brewed in a pot, this is stronger than the Whittard tea, with a richer taste and a more intense citrus flavour that lingers on the tongue.

I've found that some blends of spiced tea can trigger a headache, stronger brews especially so, and I have to be careful about the quantity that I consume. I'm always slightly wary when trying out a new blend, but neither of these caused me any problems at all.

I enjoy my spiced tea very lightly brewed, slightly sweetened, and with milk. The perfect tea to drink whilst pondering the progress of those New Year's Resolutions!