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Teatourist - January 2018

January's selection box from Teatourist is the 'Nourish and Flourish Collection'. These are billed as  'health-promoting' teas, that 'cleanse' and 'detox', so just a quick reminder that I review tea solely for taste, and not for any supposed health benefits. This month we have 1 black tea,  2 green, 2 herbals, and a Yaupon - something completely new to me! Let's get stuck in.

Black tea with Turmeric by Oteas
Well, this is one that would never have occurred to me: black tea with the addition of little chunks of turmeric. Simple, yet effective. I drank it black, without milk, and it was actually a decent cup of tea with a little hit of extra warmth from the turmeric. With milk (heads up, I use soya sweetened with apple juice), the flavour comes through more, and the sweet and spicy notes create an even more warming balance.

Bamboo Leaf and Nettle by Wise Owl Tea
Wild picked bamboo leaf, nettle leaf.
I've never had bamboo in tea form before, but since I'm not a fan of nettle I wasn't expecting much from this. However, it wasn't at all what I had thought it would be. It's a pretty pale green on pouring, with a light, grassy flavour - (bamboo is a type of grass!) - with hints of nettle coming through. What was most surprising was the sweetness that came through, without even a hint of bitterness from the nettle. Pleasant and enjoyable - I liked it!

Simply Green by The Tea Leaf Company
100% Green tea.
This is a Ceylon green, 'with subtleties of varietal, seasonal and regional flavour'. I love Ceylon as a black tea, but I'm not such an expert on greens, and I don't always get the subtleties. This was pleasant and mild, and without a note of bitterness. As recommended I re-steeped several times. Very enjoyable.

Chakra Tea Flora by SWILK
Peppermint, hibiscus, lavender, marigold, chamomiles, rose, cornflower.
A caveat: I don't review teas based on their purported health benefits, I review teas on taste only. So whilst I have previously - and with tongue-in-cheek - discussed chakras, I am not going to comment on them here. The blend of herbs and flowers, however, does indeed sound delightful. I was careful to brew this lightly, as lavender can get bitter if brewed too long, but even at less than 4 minutes the lavender was on the verge of overpowering. Take a sip and you get lavender, and then mint - and then the flavours change with each mouthful. Overall this is pleasant, floral, and - yes - relaxing.

Traditional Green Yaupon by Yaupon Brothers
100% Yaupon Holly from Florida, USA.
Yaupon tea is something that I hadn't even heard of, much less tried! And this is the beauty of a subscription selection box: you get to try things that you would never otherwise have even thought of trying. Yaupon is a type of holly that is native to North America. Yaupon tea is high in caffeine, and suitable for your morning or afternoon pick-me-up. The tasting notes say that it is 'grassy' with 'notes of honey and hay without tasting bitter'. I found it to have an earthy flavour. It was surprisingly sweet, but it did have a bitter aftertaste, although you could sweeten it if you wanted to. An interesting experience, but not something that I would drink regularly.

Organic Time to Drink-Clean by Caley's Apothecary
Lemongrass, green tea, nettle, bilberries.
I don't think that I need to comment on the name of this tea. Anyway... It's a simple and yet successful blend of ingredients. The lemongrass is light and refreshing, and the green tea gives body and depth. Overall it is sweet and pleasantly flavoured.

You can still order this box, or any past Teatourist box that you fancy, so check out my reviews of previous boxes and see if there's something that you like.

Teatourist have also given me a special discount code for 30% off your first box when you start a monthly subscription: just use the code FOXGLOVE30 at the checkout. I don't get commission for this, it's just a treat for you. 

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