Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lazy Leaf Tea

The Lazy Leaf Tea Company is a relatively new enterprise, founded by Jonathan Feather and Helen Ramsbottom in 2013. Their aim is to "sell quality loose leaf tea from around the world, with a variety of black, green, oolong, fruit, herbal, and rooibos teas to choose from." They have a small but carefully selected range of teas and tisanes on offer in their online shop, and - as tea lovers as well as business owners - are constantly researching new products and choosing the very best to add to their stock.

The tea packaging is pleasingly simple: plastic lined brown paper bags, with a clear window displaying the tea, and a roll-down fold-back seal to ensure that it's kept fresh and dry. The labelling is simple and clear, and on the back of the packet contains information about the product and how to best prepare it. 

These are the first Lazy Leaf teas that I've tried and I wasn't at all sure what I was going to get. I needn't have worried. Both the Lychee Jasmine Green and the Almond Cherry Rooibos are delicious, and very reasonably priced for teas of such quality.

The Lychee Jasmine Green is incredibly fresh and fruity. The taste of jasmine flowers comes through strongly, and acts as a backdrop for the sweetness of the lychee. The large tea leaves slowly unfurl to create an aromatic brew that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

The Almond Cherry Rooibos brews up a lovely chestnut colour, and smells like a dream of marzipan. Both the cherry and the almond come through strongly, but are balanced well enough to create a smooth and refreshing tea that fully satisfies. I unintentionally left a little to go cold in the bottom of the pot, and on pouring it later realised that it would be absolutely perfect to drink chilled on a summer's day.


Lazy Leaf sells only loose-leaf tea, and I would always brew tea of this quality in a pot. However, for those of you who don't own a teapot (Shock! Horror! Buy one now!) they also sell T-sacs: little envelopes to put your loose leaf tea in so that you can brew it as with a teabag. Not something that I would ever use, but perhaps something to set the reluctant convert on the road to using loose-leaf.

Lazy Leaf is a company that I will be keeping an eye on. There are several more teas in their range that I want to try, and I'm pretty sure they'll be releasing some more interesting blends in the near future. As for these two teas - I will definitely keep them in stock!

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